The argument between Jannah and Jahannam!

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Yes! Jannah and Jahannam had an argument, it’s narrated to us in a Hadith by the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him where Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (R.A) reported, “there was a dispute between Jannah and Jahannam, Jahannam said ” the haughty and proud are in me” Jannah said ” in me is the weak and humble” Thereupon Allah SWT judged between them saying “you the Jannah are my mercy and through you I shall show mercy to whom I wish”. (And addressing Jahannam Allah says:) “you are my punishment to punish whom I wish amongst my slaves, and each of you will have its fill”.

Many of us have probably never come across this Hadith, as strange as it sounds, paradise and the hellfire indeed debated amongst themselves!

How is that possible I hear you say?

Well, Imam Nawawi May Allah have mercy on him explained that we understand this as that Allah will give a discernment by which they will be able to perceive by, some kind of rational thinking. Other scholars say that this is not what they will literally say but will be in a figurative way as their existence expresses. Just like when we see someone looking sharp and fine we understand without them speaking that this person takes care of themselves and could be wealthy.

That out the way, the fundamental lesson here is not knowing how Jannah and Jahannam expressed themselves, but actually the warning that we must make sure not to be proud and arrogant! We need no more confirmation of where such a person ends up. This is also a clear encouragement that we must strive to be humble and lower ourselves for Allah’s sake in order that Allah elevates our ranks both in the Dunya and akhirah.

Simple as that.

WaSalamu Alaykum

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