The Plant That Cannot Grow

As salamuAlaikum ,

Today i want to tell you about a plant that cannot grow, this plant exists nearly everywhere. It’s dark in colour, dull in appearance and day by day slouches over until it hits the ground.
It sits in the sun but doesn’t feed on the light, neither does it make effort to take from the ground below, the arms are crossed, not giving nor receiving assistance from its peers.

It lives each day just waiting, hoping something will change, that one day it will stand tall, be radiant and full of life.

A rare breed no more as it spreads and contaminates whatever comes close, and like a game of “it”, it too becomes a plant that cannot grow. Its roots slow down, stiffening as they take their fill of where they stand. It’s glow that goes, a back that bows. That’s the life of a plant that cannot grow.

That’s the life of us, yet we do not know, that indeed with time, we do not grow.

Indeed, with time, we are at loss, except for those who do good, believe, encourage patience and incite the truth.

These words of Allah that move mountains and stone, yet us people…we should have known. One who believes moves forward and thrives, stands upright and firm showing nothing but life. This is the plant that grows taller than all, stretching and looking for whom to call. Come to goodness, come to truth, the way is forward, up past the roofs.

We reach for the heavens, to Allah is our goal, heeding his words, warnings in all.

This is the Muslim, the believer, the striver, not standing there waiting for life to be kinder. Have patience and do, have patience and move, have patience and know, that you are not a plant that cannot grow.

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