Chapter of Tahaarah (Cleanliness)

NAJAASAT (IMPURITY) is of two types

  1. Najaasate Haqeeqee (which can be seen)
  2. Najaasate Hukmee (which cannot be seen)


  • Ghaleezah (heavy type)
  • Khafeefah ( light type)

Najaasate Haqeeqee:

  • Uncleanliness or impurity that can be seen

e.g. urine, stool, blood, and wine

Najaasate Ghaleezah:

  • Dense (heavy) types of impurity (Najaasat)

e.g. Urine and stool of human beings

Najaasate Khafeefah:

  • lighter types of impurity (Najaasat)

e.g. Urine of Halaal animals


  • Disliked or something which is against the conduct of Islam.

Makroohe Tahreemee:

  • Close to Haraam.


  • Illegal or forbidden

Examples of Najaasate Ghaleezah:

  1. Urine of human beings
  2. Stools of human beings
  3. Flowing blood of human beings
  4. Flowing blood of animals
  5. Wine
  6. Fowl
  7. Duck excretion
  8. Urine and stools of haram animals

Examples of Najaasate Khafeefah

  1. Urine of Halaal animals (permitted for eating)
  2. Excretion of Haraam birds


“Istinjaa” means cleaning the private parts after passing out urine and stool by using clean water and earth etc.

Method of Istinjaa:

  1. For passing urine or stool, one should go to a place of privacy and seat oneself.
  2. After relieving wash the private parts until satisfied they have become clean
  3. It is permissible to use water, lumps of dry earth
  4. Do not sit in the direction of the Qibla as it is makruh
  5. Remove rings, badges, or anything on which the name of Allah is written
  6. Use the left hand for istinjaa.
  7. Do wudhu after Istinjaa.

Water which is allowed for Wudhu and Ghusl

  1. Rainwater
  2. Well water
  3. Spring, sea, and river water
  4. Melted snow or hail
  5. The water of a big tank or pond

Water that is not allowed for Wudhu and Ghusl

  1. Water extracted from fruit and trees
  2. Water that has changed color, taste, and smell
  3. Used water of Wudhu or Ghusl
  4. Water left over after drinking by Haraam animals
  5. Water left by a person who has just drunk wine.
  6. A small quantity of water in which something Najis has fallen.
  7. All impure water

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