The argument between Jannah and Jahannam!

Yes! Jannah and Jahannam had an argument, it’s narrated to us in a Hadith by the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him where Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (R.A) reported, “there was a dispute between Jannah and Jahannam, Jahannam said ” the haughty and proud are in me” Jannah said ” in me is the weak and humble” Thereupon Allah SWT judged between them saying “you the Jannah are my mercy and through you I shall show mercy to whom I wish”. (And addressing Jahannam Allah says:) “you are my punishment to punish whom I wish amongst my slaves, and each of you will have its fill”.

Many of us have probably never come across this Hadith, as strange as it sounds, paradise and the hellfire indeed debated amongst themselves!

How is that possible I hear you say?

Well, Imam Nawawi May Allah have mercy on him explained that we understand this as that Allah will give a discernment by which they will be able to perceive by, some kind of rational thinking. Other scholars say that this is not what they will literally say but will be in a figurative way as their existence expresses. Just like when we see someone looking sharp and fine we understand without them speaking that this person takes care of themselves and could be wealthy.

That out the way, the fundamental lesson here is not knowing how Jannah and Jahannam expressed themselves, but actually the warning that we must make sure not to be proud and arrogant! We need no more confirmation of where such a person ends up. This is also a clear encouragement that we must strive to be humble and lower ourselves for Allah’s sake in order that Allah elevates our ranks both in the Dunya and akhirah.

Simple as that.

WaSalamu Alaykum

Have you updated your Next of Kin information?

Can you please check if any of the names below are your next of kin:

Maryam age 13
Sarah age 17
Fatima age 14
Jawad age 18
Haitham age 13
AbduRahman age 15
Omar age 17

Are these children related to you? If yes, continue reading. If the answer is no then continue reading too because in fact they ARE related to you ALL! Yes, they are!
Brothers and sisters these are the youth of our Ummah, these are the shining lights of glad tidings for the nation of our beloved prophet Muhammed PBUH! The youth who we have sadly neglected, ignored and often blamed for being a nuisance, lazy and irresponsible Subhan’Allah! However, have you ever thought seeing things through THEIR eyes, walking in THEIR shoes? This Dunya is a test for us all and even gets the best of us, let alone our youth who are still in much needed guidance and motivation to learn how to hold on to the hot coals in these ever more challenging times!

We need to make time for our children, show and teach them our deen and nurture in them the love for Islam, Allah SWT and the prophet Muhammed PBUH so that we can grow a generation of motivated, passionate and strong young men and women who are confident in their identity as a young Muslim in the 21st century.

Let’s do it together with these 3 basic steps!

• NURTURE them in the masjid, visit the masjid regularly for it brings calm, brings the heart closer to Allah and a physical reminder that you belong to an Ummah! Get them engaged in dawah and charity work. Let them feel the sense of achievement and brotherhood when working together with others for a common goal which will help build confidence and leadership skills for our ummah.

• TALK to your children, even when they are teenagers! Seems obvious right? But I can tell you many of our youth lack in basic conversation in the household with their parents, turn off those tellies, put down your phones and speak over a meal or tea, you may just learn something new about your own child! The Prophet PBUH was the greatest leader and example for mankind and even He discussed big decisions and took opinions of young companions to motivate them and keep their hearts firm with emaan such as in the battle of Badr!

• Lastly, CRITICISE! but constructively, yes mama and baba no need for the long lectures every day before bedtime, motivate and encourage your child by giving them examples from our beautiful deen and reminding them that Allah is most forgiving and merciful. Let them know that mistakes are an experience we learn from and that when one door closes, another one opens and that ONE day they will too be responsible for not just one child, but an Ummah as a whole!

With this advice, I leave you in peace and do check out the Al Fitrah outreach programmes which we host to nurture our youth.

Wa Salaamualaikum 😉

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