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Tazkiyyah tun Nafs Purifying and Maintaining the Self

The command to purify our hearts from sin is essential Islamic teaching ever since the early stages of the revelation in Makkah. This is known as ‘purification of the soul’ (tazkiyyat an-nafs).

Allah said: “He has succeeded who purifies the soul, and he has failed who corrupts the soul.” (Qur’an, 91:9-10)

Abu Huraira reported: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘Verily when the believer commits a sin, a black spot appears upon his heart. If he repents and abandons the sin and seeks forgiveness, his heart will be polished, but if he increases in sin, the blackness increases. That is the covering which Allah has mentioned in His Book: ‘Nay, but on their hearts is a covering because of what they have earned,’ (83:14)” (Sunan ibn Majah, 4244)

Therefore, a Muslim must continue to perform supplications, prayers, charity, and good deeds until the heart is purified from sin.

The salvation of a Muslim depends upon purification of the heart soul from vices and adorning the heart with virtues. Purification is achieved through performing sincere supplications, prayers, and acts of charity toward others. We must remember that we will be judged on the Day of Resurrection according to the purity of our hearts and the righteousness of our deeds.

Abu Huraira reported: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your hearts and actions’.” (Sahih Muslim 2564)

Units include:
Unit 1- Taqwa
Unit 2- Ilm
Unit 3 – Yaqeen
Unit 4 – Tawakkul
Unit 5- Shukr
Unit 6- Sabr
Unit 7- Zuhud
Unit 8 – Dhikr
Unit 9 – Taubah
Unit 10 Taa’ah

Instructor: Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa’eed Mohabbat

Duration: 10-week course
Every Wednesday 7 pm – 9 pm
Starting date: TBC


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