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Shortcuts to Paradise

Description Reported from Anas ibn Maalik and Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:“Jannah is surrounded by hardships and the Hell-Fire is surrounded by desires.” - Do you feel sometimes is just so hard to be good, to always to the right thing? It's easier to maybe sleep in instead of wake of […]

Resurrection – Rise again for the Judgment Day

Guest Speakers Qari Adil Bengalha Hamza Andreas Tzortzis  Ustadh Jalal Ibn Sa’eed   Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi  Sh. Abu Hafs Mohammed Kasmi Venue Address Villers High School, Boyd Avenue, Southall, UB1 3BT

Advice to our Ummah

Guest Speakers Ustadh Jalal Ibn Sa’eed  Sh. Abu Hafs Mohammed Kasmi  Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi  Qari Adil Bengalha  Hamza Andreas Tzortzis Venue Address The Waterlily Venues 69-89 Mile End Road, East London, E1 4TT

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