• Heroic Historical Figures in Islam

    Heroic Historical Figures in Islam

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    Heroic Historical Figures in Islam

    If a role model is not set for us or our children, then our nafs will select one by default. It is a crucial part of faith and seeking knowledge to select the best of people as role models.

    Heroic Historical Figures in Islam

    One of the important factors in the development and behavior of the societies of the world today is the impact of role models. Now, more than ever, role models are affecting the lives of all races and classes of people around the world. Because of mediums such as television, radio, telephone, and the internet, many role models, such as movie stars, athletes, musicians, and politicians, have become quite popular around the world.

    Muslims have no need to look for fictitious or mythical heroes, because their history is abundant with heroes of real flesh and blood, whose acts were heroic because of their faith, and a consequence of their…

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