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  • Du’as From The Quran

    Du’as From The Quran

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    Du’as From The Quran

    30 Quranic Stories Behind The Most Powerful Duaas In The Quran

    Dua means supplication, which means communicating with a deity, which comes closer than invocation. It is an important part of our faith and belief. We ask from Almighty Allah for everything that we want in our life no matter how big or small. Dua is a means of keeping in touch with Allah and due to Dua, we get closer to our Lord. So, Dua is a source of keeping the supplicant closer to the Almighty Allah.

    Dua is a form of prayer and it could be made at any time anywhere there is no fixed time and place for making Dua. It is considered a weapon with the help of which we can change our situation by asking for help from Almighty Allah. Dua can change destiny so try to make Dua in every situation because with Dua you will always get closer to Almighty Allah. It maintained a person’s belief in One Lord and it rejects all forms of idolatry. Dua is essentially submission to the Creator and a demonstration of a person’s need for Allah.

    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran: “When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me.” (Quran, 2:186). So with this verse, we can say that Allah Almighty listens to us when we make Dua. We should always seek help from Allah.


  • Qur’an Legacy Ramadan Lectures Lifetime Edition

    Qur’an Legacy Ramadan Lectures Lifetime Edition


    Qur’an Legacy Ramadan Lectures Lifetime Edition

    The Quran Legacy
    Since revelation from the heavens upon the mountain of Hira until the present, this Legacy has been preserved by the Angels of God and by the hearts of men that have memorized every letter and the scholars who inherit and pass on the understanding of it. This Ramadan is a part of the legacy lectures as we invite speakers from around the world to share with us the stories of one Juz daily.

    Register your place today on Quran Legacy Lectures – A Juz A Day. This Ramadan will be the start of our journey and every day a new Juz will be released reflecting upon key lessons and concepts we can take away Juz by Juz.

    Each show will be followed by a Q&A after the show where viewers will get the chance to send in questions and be part of the show by sharing their stories and connections to the Juz.

  • Al Fitrah’s Essentials Course

    Al Fitrah’s Essentials Course

    Al Fitrah’s Essentials Course

    Al Fitrah’s Essentials Course – by Sheikh Salim al Amry (UAE)

    Free & available for all but this is a course you must register as an Amanah and invite others to the way of our Lord by sharing the link.

    Fundamentals of Tawhid on Saturday morning 9:30 AM UK GMT

    Matters of the Heart on Sunday 12:30 pm UK GMT

    We will add you to our WhatsApp group as well and send you all course materials insha’Allah.

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