• Seeking Sound Knowledge

    Bringing us Back to our
    Natural Goodness

    “No child is born but that he is upon natural disposition (The Fitrah)."
    Saḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 1292

The Self
The Self

Al Fitrah is an academy that has delivered hundreds of courses, seminars and lectures which empower the youth with sound authentic knowledge from the pious predecessors who understood it best.

The Family

The Family

Al Fitrah is a family orientated organisation that plans family day trips, youth camping expeditions, and sister’s outings to ensure the whole family benefits from the deen that is taught in these outings.

The Society
The Society

If knowledge is not a benefit then it becomes a witness against us on the day of The Reckoning. Al Fitrah teaches knowledge with action at home and in society.

About us Who We Are

The Al Fitrah family of teachers, volunteers, and students are taught not to only seek knowledge but to apply it at home and in society through media projects and public events such as Islamic TV stations and the Sunnah Revival by the UK's official Eid Celebration Committee.  Our unique method of delivering sound knowledge applied to modern understandings of Fiqh ul Waqia has inspired and enabled our generation to break through cultural boundaries which often hindered the Muslim community from giving a true representation of Islam.

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  • #2 Community Events
  • #3 Outreach Programmes
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Invest in your akhirah "You are the best of nations because you enjoin that which is good and forbid that which is evil."

Family Counselling

From family feuds to simple disagreements, it helps to have someone with a fresh mind and a sincere heart to help.

Friday Night Halaqa

Join Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa'eed and special guests every Friday night at 10 PM UK time.

Book a Speaker

Planning your own event? Need help getting someone of sound knowledge to come and inspire your audience?

Join the Family

"If you do not busy yourself with goodness then Satan will misguide you to Evil." What better way for us all to be safe than earning good deeds together?



  • Sheikh Salem Al Amry
    "... Alhamdulillah, in some places, the brothers, they are reviving the sunnah. The brothers of Al Fitrah are trying their best to revive it and Insha Allah the rest of the Muslims will follow them...and Insha Allah all the rewards will be in their records...."
    Sheikh Salem Al Amry

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